Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mobile Wireless Internet: A Prerequisite for Working Professionals

Along with fun and entertainment, mobile internet services have become a necessity for today’s business professionals. Internet is a part and parcel of our life today for keeping in touch with family and friends and being up to date at work. Portable data service gives us total mobility, makes us reachable and enables us to reach others. Recent studies show that 81 percent of working professionals prefer internet as the first place to look for information and thus an always-on connectivity is imperative for their business to grow.
Mobile Wireless Internet
Mobile Wireless Internet
The consumer needs, however, vary between markets and locations. In areas where there is limited internet service, easy internet access is what makes mobile broadband attractive. Additionally, in small towns where the data services are slow and unstable, easy access and higher speed are the main advantages of portable broadband services. In cities where demand for internet is more than the small markets, higher speed and mobility are the two most important USPs (Unique Selling Points) of mobile broadband on demand (MBBOD) services.

The introduction of smartphones like iPhone and android has redefined the industry view of mobile broadband beyond laptops and dongles. The modern-day entrepreneurs depend more on their smartphone and tablet PCs to connect while on the fly. In a survey conducted in the US, 70 percent of respondents said that they use smartphone both for their private and work-related tasks. As smartphones and tablet PCs account for an increasingly large share of the total internet usage, the demand for portable data service has increased four-fold.

Over the years, internet technology has undergone different stages and the most recent innovation in this technology is the invention of wireless hotspots. The devices are small enough to accommodate in your palm, but don’t go by its size; with it users can access both 3G/4G networks with a speed up to 10 mbps and share their connection with multiple devices without losing the data speed. In countries like US, where corporate fares and trade shows are organized round the year, the demand for wireless internet hotspot is very high, especially among the business travelers. Along with speed, the devices offer portability that makes it convenient for the users to get access to their online content when and where they want.


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