Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why to go Wireless: 5 Significant Reasons

Wireless InternetAt the dawn of 21st century, people used to talk about rocket science; a decade down the line, scientists are now busy developing technology that can defeat the speed of light and explore beyond the farthest corners of the universe. In such a fast paced era, time is a scarce resource. While staying connected 24*7 has become more of a need for people, no one actually wants to lag behind just because of a slackening network connection. Whether it’s the speed, flexibility or network efficiency, wireless internet is a powerful tool for today’s tech savvy people. For business professionals, it is no less than a boon that facilitates easy information sharing and boosts productivity. Wireless technology gives the freedom to the professionals to roam freely anywhere they want without worrying about their internet connection.

If you are still using a wired connection for all your internet needs, here are 5 attractive reasons for you to switch into wireless internet:

Mobility and Collaboration: No matter whether you are at office, home, on your way to somewhere or on a beach side, you can get access to all your online content with a wireless internet device. Along with mobility, this helps employees do better collaboration with their colleagues when in a project.

Improve Responsiveness: If you are running a business, you must have experienced situations when your customer is just over your head, seeking explanation for a mishandled work. With a wireless internet connection, you can have access to the up-to-the-minute information that helps your refrain any unforeseen situation that might prove fatal for your business.

Better Access to Information: Wireless connectivity can reach areas where wired connectivity is difficult to operate. For example, with an internet hotspot a doctor can check all their patients’ file online while moving from one department to another. With a wired connection this flexibility is almost impossible to attain.

Quick Network Expansion: It requires large hardware set up to maintain a wired internet network at an office. Thus, expanding a wired network at an office is quite troublesome. However, with wireless internet hotspots, you can easily enlarge your network no matter how big or small your organization is. As the small, pocket-size gadget works as a wireless router and as it requires no complex hardware set up, you can easily expand your network whenever needed.

Enhanced Guest Experience: Internet access is one of the most vital components for any business and in hospitality industry it directly impacts the customer experience. With a wired network connection, the guests only can do internet surfing within their room premise; however, wireless hotspots are of great use as these not only offer high-speed connectivity, but let the guest access internet within and outside the hotel premise.

In today’s world, every minute counts. Thus, having access to a fast wireless internet can save your time as well as offer you better efficiency level.


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