Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5 Tips to Survive Business Conference

Business conferences are an integral part of your operational policy, but these are not like the everyday routine. At times, conferences become hectic and exhausting; post-conference preparation, long travel and waiting for your turn to speak in the conference are just few of the many factors that make such events tiresome. However, the conferences can be extremely productive and interesting too with a little effort from your end. As it’s different from your daily routine, it takes a little more effort than you think it does. Here are 5 quick tips to help you stay top of game during the conference:

  • Carry Comfortable Shoes and Clothes: Business conferences often have their pre-decided dress code; however, whether it has a dress code or not, chose clothes that give you the comfort and make you feel good. Shoes are a big deal as you might need to stand for hours or walk all day long during the event. Thus, be careful about shoe selection, as a wrong one might screw your entire event experience.
  • Session Selection: Before getting to the conference, select your session in advance. This helps you plan in advance and do some research to effectively articulate your topics in networking conversations. Also, make sure to attend the sessions that would be most fruitful for your career and also reach the venue a little early to secure a seat. Competition is very high in today’s corporate world; thus, it is very disappointing and unfortunate to be the one who missed a popular session.
  • Stay in Convention Hotel: In today’s world time is a scarce resource. By staying in a convention hotel, you save a lot of travelling time along with conveyance costs. Also, if you want a quick nap or just want to put your feet up for a little while, you can do so by choosing such a hotel.
  • Chose a Reliable Internet Service: Though most upscale conferences offer wireless internet services, it is always a good idea to carry your own internet service. During the wireless failure, seconds turn to hours when the keynote demo grinds to a halt with you on the stage. To avoid such unpredictable nightmare, carry a wireless internet device with fast connectivity and reliable network. Along with saving you from the unforeseen wireless conflicts, this also helps to save a fortune on your connectivity costs.
  • Plan your Day: It is always suggested to plan for the event day well in advance. Time management is most important as you have stipulated time frame and have to look after everything within that. This way you can find some time to do exercise, read newspaper and revise your lessons before the conference.

With a little planning, you can turn your conference experience to a fun and refreshing one. By attending such events, the entrepreneurs get a chance to explore new business opportunities, know the market competition and enlarge their horizons beyond the office boundaries. Use this opportunity as a potent tool to get an advantage over the market competition.


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