Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hotel WiFi: Extend your Service beyond your Property

With travelers hopping into smartphone, tablet and laptop bandwagon, the criteria for selecting an accommodation unit is getting changed. Now, a free airport pick and drop service, a complimentary bottle of wine or a courtesy spa session is not sufficient enough to increase the looker to booker ration. Today’s hotel guests look for services that create a real different in their travel experience. Though, in many properties there is a free Hotel WiFi service available, but do these sufficient enough to meet the guests’ requirements? It’s not that hotel guests will chose to stay in their rooms or lobby area only to have access to internet.

Internet is now a need for most people, whether they are in a meeting, attending a trade show, travelling by car or leisurely sitting somewhere. Emails, social networks, online games, music etc. have become a part and parcel of our day-to-day lifestyle. Thus, a static internet service which is available within the hotel area only, isn’t sufficient to address the needs of today’s hotel guests. An international consumer survey shows that 75% guests would not return to the hotel where they had an unsatisfactory internet experience.

However, modern development in IT technology makes it possible for the hotels to offer value added WiFi service to their customers. Trendy and pocket-size WiFi hotspot is the best way to empower your customers with a hotel WiFi service that lets them connect to the online world when and where they want. It’s a pocket-size powerhouse for internet users as the device connects multiple devices at once and surprisingly offers a blazing fast speed. For its compact size and easy-to-use features, the hotel guests can carry these wherever they go. The gadget also saves them from paying huge amount of data charges at different places and relieves them from scattered connectivity hassles.

The mobile hotspot gadgets are also beneficial for the hotels. The hotels don’t need to maintain complex IT setups or spend money on keeping an IT team to look after the hotel WiFi system. These devices come pre-installed and require minimal maintenance. Hotels just need to unlock the device before renting it to their guests. To promote good customer relations and earn referral business, these can also be offered as a complementary benefit. Additionally, the hotels enjoy complete control over the guests’ data usage by restricting the free internet to a limited amount.

These devices can also be used as a branding tool. The hotels can rebrand the devices with their company logo and customize the dashboard page with their hotel information. For a better visibility, the hotels can also white-list their own site, so that when their guests connect to internet with these devices, the guests would land on their website.

Hotel internet service has entered into a new era with pocket hotspot devices. To better serve the growing needs of today’s tech-geeks, there is probably no better way than WiFi hotspots that ensures complete round the clock connectivity to your hotel guests.


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