Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Attend PhoCusWright Conference 2013

PhoCusWright Conference 2013
In most debates and discussions, we hear market leaders arguing on the latest marketing trends and most of them give emphasis on online campaigns. There is an established notion that creating and maintaining a website, a mobile application and a good social media presence are imperative tools to market one’s business. Though websites and mobile application remains vital to inform and educate the consumers about different travel brands, these two hardly represent the entire marketing spectrum. The ever-increasing competition compelled the marketers to find out more creative ways to get an edge over the competition; participating in international conferences and trade-shows open new doors for business professionals to explore potential markets, generate leads and widen their network.

PhoCusWright Conference and Innovation Summit” tops the list when it comes to connecting to thousands of potential travelers, suppliers and intermediaries from the travel-tourism industry. Every year, 30 best of the best innovators representing global travel, tourism and hospitality business get a chance to share the PhoCusWright stage and demonstrate their latest innovations before thousands of exhibitors and attendees.

The PhoCusWright Conference 2013, to be held November 19-21 in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, will attract some of the most renowned travel, technology, hospitality and tourism brands from across the world. While some of the participants are industry leaders, some are newbies in the industry. However, if you are looking for few of the best reasons to attend this year’s event, consider the below list:

  • The conference attempts to educate the travel professionals about the evolving dynamics that influence the travel, tourism and hospitality distribution system by doing qualitative and quantitative research on the same. This research would give the participants a competitive advantage to evaluate the market trends and risks, and to deal with it effectively.
  • By attending the conference, business professionals will get a chance to foster strategic planning and tactical decision-making skills, and will also sharpen their organizational effectiveness.
  • The conference attendees will get a chance to network with the most talented and most dynamic industry leaders during this three-day conference and summit.
  • If you want to get media exposure, then PhoCusWright Conference 2013 is the place to be at. Who’s who from the US media would be present in the conference to share their views on the industry growth. Moreover, the three-day event will be covered by several well-known print and electronic media houses.
  • Generate leads with other corporate dealers by participating in United States’ one of the most premier travel innovation conferences. Seek new ideas, explore groundbreaking products and services, partner with other industry leaders and get the best investment opportunity by participating in the event.

PhoCusWright 2013 creates a common platform for the top-notch marketers and new innovators to come, share and explore best business opportunities.


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