Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mobile Broadband on Demand: A way to stay connected on the go

GoWiMi: Mobile Broadband on Demand
The mobile broadband market is gradually exploding and all thanks to the widespread adoption of new technologies, high-speed networks, smart handheld devices and the growing number of mobile applications. The on-demand mobile broadband services represent the leading edge of communication technology. In the last two years, the telecommunication industry has undergone rapid changes; two of the most significant developments are the omnipresence of 3G wireless internet and the fast expansion of 4G networks. Over the last two decades, internet has expanded its reach enormously and opened new ways for marketers to reach their potential clients.

The need for mobile broadband on demand (MBBOD) services has increased four folds because of maturing of new form factors such as tablets, smart phones and online gaming consoles etc. The MBBOD services make it possible for the individuals to access high-speed internet anywhere, at any time. From students, business professionals to people working in sales, the solution is ideal for everyone who has frequent or sporadic need for internet access when on the move.

MBBOD services offer multiple benefits to the users. Let us discuss some of its benefits in brief:

  • It gives users the convenience to access internet while travelling in bus, train, or while in a vacation. There are many internet providers who offer cost-efficient internet solutions for corporate travelers who frequently travel to international destinations for business purposes.
  • The MBBOD devices are small and thus very convenient to carry. These sleek, handy and portable devices can easily fit into your pocket or purse and don’t require much maintenance too.
  • These gadgets have an inbuilt modem and require no wire to connect to other devices. It frees the user from any wire hassle and let them connect to their preferred online content with just click of a single button.
  • It lets the users save on connectivity cost as it requires no separate telephone connection. Moreover, the users can chose affordable prepaid or postpaid plans according to their data requirements.
  • The software is pre-installed in the device; thus, the users need not to install any software while using the gadget for the first time.
  • This revolutionary technology is developed to offer internet access to the users even at the remotest corners of the world.

For sporadic internet users who want to be free of contractual obligations, the mobile broadband on demand is just made for them. With it the travelers enjoy greater flexibility, save cost and enjoy the freedom to access blazing fast internet 24*7.


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