Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PhoCusWright Conference 2013: A Common Platform to Explore Travel Business Opportunities

PhoCusWright Conference 2013
The travel business is no more limited to just offering a good itinerary with all comforts included to the aspiring tourists; you might have a good itinerary to offer to your clients, but if you can’t reach your potential customers, all your marketing strategies go in vain. Knowledge about the existing market, emerging market trends, what your customer groups want from you as a travel service provider and a visible presence in the online space are imperative to sustain in the travel business today.

To encourage global travel-tourism business, travel industry research authority PhoCusWright organizes travel summits and conferences every year. The idea behind organizing such innovative events is to promote the travel, tourism and hospitality business, and to offer a global platform to the young leaders to showcase their groundbreaking products and services.

According to industry leaders, today’s tourism market needs more such innovations so that a better travel experience can be shared with the globetrotters. The platform gives a chance to the attendees to discover new market-changing innovations, seek new ideas, meet partners from across the globe and find out innovative investment opportunities. Each year, the organization gives chance to thirty best of the best innovators from the travel, tourism, hospitality and travel-technology space to share the stage and demonstrate their latest discoveries.

This year’s "The Travel Innovation Summit@The PhoCusWright Conference" would be held November 19-21 in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Along with world’s leading corporate giants, the expert professionals from GoWiMi would also be present in the summit and share the stage with other experts. GoWiMi is a leading telecommunication service provider in the US and offers high-speed mobile broadband on demand services to the travelers. Through onstage walkthroughs of its new innovations, GoWiMi experts would demonstrate their services to the visitors and other demonstrators present there.

Along with participating in the travel innovation, GoWiMi has brought its customized wireless data plans for PhoCusWright participants. Keeping wireless internet need of the participants in mind, GoWiMi has customized its services so that those who are going to take part in the conference can enjoy complete portability while acquiring their online content. Other than serving the end-users, GoWiMi has innovated advanced business models for hospitality groups, airline operators, OTAs, coach and car rental companies, corporates and event organizers.

PhoCusWright Conference 2013 would offer a unique opportunity to the business professionals to create new sales lead, do networking, do competitive evaluation, encourage word-of-mouth marketing and would introduce them to partners and clients from across the world.


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