Tuesday, July 30, 2013

GBTA Convention 2013: Top 10 Participants

The global travel industry is undergoing a rapid transformation where travel, tourism and hospitality brands constantly striving to overcome the competition and get an edge over the market. Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), an international event company, has made significant contribution to the growth of travel business by organizing events at different destinations throughout the year. The core motive behind organizing such events is to promote travel, tourism, hospitality and technology brands and offering them a common platform to explore the competitors, market and potential consumer groups for expanding their business.

This year the GBTA Convention will be held in San Diego from 4th to 6th August; it is expected to draw more than 10000 visitors and 400 attendees. Hundreds of celebrated business brands would be present on the event floor to demonstrate their latest services and products. Here’s a brief list of top 10 companies that would be participating in GBTA Convention 2013:

Amadeus (Booth No 3337): A leading transaction processor and technology provider, Amadeus has been serving the global travel and tourism industry since 1987. Along with providing world-class IT solutions to travel providers, Amadeus also offers a worldwide platform to the travel providers and travel agencies for the global distribution and sale of travel products/services.

GoWiMi (Booth No 318): A service by Wizie Mobile, United State’s premier telecommunication service provider, GoWiMi is the leading mobile internet service provider in the US. The company offers on demand broadband service to its customers, especially the travelers, with its reliable and super-fast nationwide network. The service lets the traveler access fastest internet connectivity (3G/4G) within the US territory. It gives full flexibility to the users to manage, monitor and control the data expenses.

Boeing (Booth No 1217): Founded in the year 1916 as a producer of commercial and military aircrafts, it takes no time for the company to become the premier manufacturer of commercial jetliners. The largest aerospace company in the world, Boeing develops products and services including commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance based logistics and trainings.

American Express Company (Booth No 2336): The world’s largest card issuer by purchase volume, American Express is a multinational financial service corporation based in the USA. The company is famous for its credit cards, charge cards and travelers’ cheque businesses, and shares approximately 24% of the total dollar volume of credit card transaction in the US. Business Week and Interbrand has enlisted this Fortune 500 Company among the 22 most valuable brands in the world.

Marriot International (Booth No 723): Established in the year 1927, Marriot International is a leading lodging company today and operates around 3,700 properties across the globe. Under its 18 different brands, the company operates and franchises hotels and license vacation ownership resorts. According to 2009 fiscal year report, the company estimates a turnover of around 11 billion dollars.

Star Alliance (Booth No 1037): The Star Alliance pioneered global airline alliance and is now the largest airline alliance company in the world. In the year 1997, five different international airline companies entered into a merger to form Star Alliance. Today, it is the leading global airline network and has the highest number of member airlines and daily flights connecting hundreds of global destinations.

Sabre Travel Network (Booth No 1527): Sabre Travel Network is a renowned name to deliver high-performance solution to the travel and tourism industry. The Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) is the world’s largest travel marketplace that connects travel buyers and sellers across the globe. The company has around 150,000 agents in approximately 130 countries, connecting around 400 airlines, 100000 hotels, 25 car rental brands and 14 cruise lines.
Travelocity Business (Booth No 2149): Travelocity Business is a US-based corporate Travel Management Company (TMS). It is one of the fastest growing TMCs in the US and ranks among top 5 travel management companies in North America. So far, the company has served hundreds of top-notch globally brands.

American Airlines (Booth No 1017a): Owned by AMR Corporation, American Airlines is a major US airline operator that operates more than 3,500 flights daily from different destinations of the globe. It is one of the largest providers of airline services in the world. The airline’s Admiral Club locations offer convenient environment to its customers worldwide.

Concur (Booth No 1037u): Concur technologies is a provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. The company develops high-end solutions that serve 15,000 clients and 15 million travelers in over 90 countries worldwide. With its products and services the business travelers can book flights, reserve rental cars and make rail and hotel reservations virtually from their Smartphone or desktop.

GBTA Convention 2013 is an international platform that encourages global tourism business by bringing travel, tourism, hospitality and technology brands under one roof. Explore vast business opportunities by visiting the greatest trade show of North America.


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