Friday, July 26, 2013

GoWiMi: Mobile Broadband on Demand

Now the travelers to US can stay connected virtually to their business, friends and family with GoWiMi Mobile Broadband on Demand (MBBOD) service. Wizie Mobile, a well-known name in the telecommunication business in United States has launched this on demand internet service for people on the move. The end-users can rent GoWiMi or use the device on a pay-as-you-go basis; the users also enjoy the flexibility to pay with their credit card for the data usage.
Mobile Broadband on Demand

The service is an answer to the challenges that travelers face in hunting for a reliable high-speed connection while they are on the move. With GoWiMi service, the travelers can access uninterrupted 3G/4G service all across the US and connect all their Wi-Fi enabled devices without signing any long-term contract with the service provider. The wireless internet service frees the travelers from the high-data charges and makes them enjoy mobile broadband service at a cost-effective manner.

The service offers host of distinct advantages to the end-users; with it the users can connect their laptop, phone, tablet, music player and gaming console all at once without losing the speed. As it’s a complete “no contract” plan, the users pay based on their sessions and not in a monthly basis. Moreover, the gadget is fully automated and can be connected to other devices with the touch of a button only. The LED display consumes less battery and thus the users enjoy longer battery life.

Further, the GoWiMi service also opens incremental revenue streams for businesses who deal in travel, tourism and hospitality sector. Whether it’s a hotel group, a car rental company, event management house, a travel agent or an airline operator, everyone can increase their revenue margin along with better customer support and loyalty benefit with this turnkey solution. Organizations can rent the device or offer it as a loyalty benefit to their customers, while custom branding the device and the service to promote their brand in the global market.

The Corporates can also take advantage of this revolutionary mobile wireless internet solution. The service reduces connectivity costs of the companies and lets them enjoy better employee efficiency. Companies can give the device to their travelling employees and empower them with an internet service that lets them stay in touch even while travelling across the farthest borders of US. Moreover, the companies can also manage, monitor, authorize and control data usage of employees and access periodic reports online.

When it’s a really tough job to get a reliable and secured internet service in the US, especially for travelers, GoWiMi makes it absolutely easy by making it readily available for the travelers. The service not only assures super-fast and uninterrupted connectivity, its stringent security measures make it impregnable to cyber attacks and unauthorized device access.


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