Monday, July 29, 2013

Benefits of Participating in GBTA Convention 2013

GBTA Convention 2013
The widespread use of technology, a boom in the tourism business and globalization has opened new doors for consumers as well as merchandisers to promote their business in a global market. One of the significant impacts of globalization is the increasing popularity of trade shows. Tradeshows organized in the international level opens new business opportunities for organizations and makes their services/products visible in the global market. Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) organizes travel events in different parts of the world to promote travel products, services and technology. Like every year, this year also thousands of renowned brands from travel, tourism and hospitality industry will participate in GBTA conventions. Alongside, celebrated travel technology brands like Amadeus, GoWiMi, Travelport, and Concur etc. would be participating in GBTA Convention 2013, to be held from 4th to 7th August in San Diego, California.

Companies participating in conventions and business events get multiple benefits along with evaluating their competitors, getting new business insight, creating sales lead and building relationship with their prospected consumers. GBTA Convention helps organizations in multiple ways to expand their business. Here are 6 benefits of participating in this year’s convention:
Sales Leads: Such events help create sales leads; as the expositions attract only the interested people, it becomes easy for the exhibitors to convert that interest into a qualified lead. However, the show display must contain right and effective message as it helps draw more consumers and gives you the chance for a face-to-face interactions.

New Audience: Trade show lets you display your product and service to new consumers. It also becomes easy for the exhibitors to influence the consumers’ decision making process and persuade them to use their service/product.

Networking: These events give valuable networking opportunities with people and businesses from the same industry. As most of the participants and visitors share a common interest, it creates great opportunities to expand the network.

Competitor Evaluation: To sustain in a competitive market, it’s inevitable to understand the competitors. In a business fair, you not only meet your buyers, but also get to know your competitors and their business strategies. This assists you to further plan your corporate strategies effectively.

Introduction of New Product: A corporate event is the right place to launch new product or let people know about an existing product which has been introduced recently. One of the prime benefits of introducing your product in a trade show is that you get exposure in a global spectrum.
Word-of-Mouth Marketing: In business, referrals always prove fruitful in brand promotion. By personally handing out the brochures, verbally explaining the product and offering promotional products in an event directly influences the consumers and promotes long-term referral business.

GBTA Convention bridges the gap between organizations and consumers by widening up business opportunities. On the convention floor you will meet thousands of travel buyers and suppliers, showcasing avant-garde tools, technologies and trends.


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