Monday, October 21, 2013

PhoCusWright Conference 2013: What the Experts Say

PhoCusWright Conference 2013
The globalization of world trade market has opened new doors for industry leaders as well as business starters to explore new opportunities, reach potent customer sections, increase the global visibility and create the brand awareness in the niche market. Along with other industries, the travel industry is also reaping the fruit of this market expansion and industry globalization. However, this boom hasn't been occurred overnight; several factors together played a vital role in industry expansion. Trade shows and international events are one of the fundamental components that help expand the industry reach.

PhoCusWright, the travel industry research authority is an eminent name that organizes different events worldwide throughout the year. The organization’s signature event, PhoCusWright Conference will be held this year in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from 19th to 21st October, 2013. The show attracts around 1400 senior executives, media professionals and investors from diverse regions of the globe to advance travel, tourism and hospitality business. The travel industry is vastly dynamic and it changes very frequently; PhocusWright helps, educates and empowers organizations to meet the consumer expectations and survive efficiently in the competitive market.

Like all other years, this year’s conference will focus on some essential factors that impact the global travel, tourism and hospitality business to a great extent. The prime issues that would be covered in this year’s conference are briefly discussed below:

Today’s travel consumers want services that exactly match their needs. They flock to brands that foresee and deliver them what they want, when they want it. Thus, it is high time for travel providers to concentrate on ways that help them satisfy consumers’ cravings for customized services. In the conference, the industry experts will discuss about the changing market trends along with the change in consumer behavior and what service providers should exactly do to survive the competition.

Digitization of travel processes no doubt creates more opportunities for the service providers, but it also makes them face challenges created by this technological boom. Today’s travelers look for a total support from the planning of the tour to its end; to fulfill this, the service providers need to rely more on technology products like online support, 24*7 helpline, e-mail support etc., regardless of their customers being online or offline. The consumers are no more concerned about how you connect to them; they just need a consistent support from your side.

Another most important factor that the service providers should focus on is to create a bond of trust with the consumers. It is thus important to present your service in the positive light and inspire your consumers towards your intent. Unwavering customer focus, relevance and creating positive relationship are the three vital components that should be promoted to create a buzz in the global market.

To facilitate a smarter, singular consumer experience, the travel service providers need to consider finding the right market to promote the business. Spending time to influence non-potential consumers is a waste of time and energy. By spending time targeting the right consumer group, organizations can gain more impetus and overcome the market competition.

The travel, tourism and hospitality industry has left no stones unturned to offer a peerless consumer experience and make the industry flourish leaps and bounds. Now, the need is to explore the changing market scenario from its core. The more the travel experts educate themselves about consumer behavior and their needs, the more they will get hold of the business. PhoCusWright Conference 2013 is being designed to offer a common platform to the industry leaders to debate and discuss crucial issues, and to come up with effective solutions for the new businesses to grow.


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