Thursday, June 27, 2013

GoWiMi Sponsors GBTA Convention 2013

GBTA Convention 2013 

To stand tall in today’s competitive business world, market exposure is one of the vital components for every business. To expand its reach in the global market, United States’ premier mobile wireless internet service provider GoWiMi is sponsoring the far-famed GBTA Convention 2013. The convention will be held in San Diego, California from August 4 to 7, 2013 and will offer a global platform for exhibitors to expand their industry insight and market knowledge, and reach the most potent group of consumers. On the expo floor, thousands of industry managers and suppliers will showcase the new technologies, tools and trends, opening vast opportunities for organizations to negotiate contracts and market their own services and products in a global business arena.

GoWiMi mobile wireless internet is particularly designed for travelers who want to stay online 24X7. While the size of the device is hardly a deck of cards, its features are certainly most advanced in the market. The gadget offers 3G and 4G connectivity with a lightning fast speed up to 10 mbps and also enables the users to access internet in five different devices at once; this means the users can save a lot on their connectivity costs and also enjoy the freedom from carrying multiple wireless internet gadgets. GoWiMi works throughout the US, offering fastest internet connectivity even at the remotest corners of the country. It is most beneficial for the travelers who don’t want to pay high roaming charges or carry complicated wireless internet devices for accessing the online content.

Other than the users, GoWiMi has brought great business opportunities for hotels, car rentals, airline operators, travel agents and event managers. The GoWiMi business module helps organizations earn recurring benefits, develop good customer relations, generate referral business, stay ahead of market competition and get market exposure by leasing the device to the customers. Organizations looking to expand their business can also offer it complimentary as a loyalty benefit to their regular customers.

The corporate travelers can also benefit from GoWiMi services; with this revolutionary device the business professionals need not to search for an internet connection in a foreign land or wait till hotel check-in to get online. Along with cost saving benefits, the gadget ensures highest level of data security; its security protocol minimizes the risk of any unauthorized device access or data leakage.
GoWiMi joins its hands with GBTA to extend its services to all US travelers who seek for a reliable wireless connection during their visits to US. To explore new business opportunities, interested business owners can meet GoWiMi professionals in booth no. 318 at GBTA Convention 2013, San Diego, California.


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